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Advanced Security Features hosting?

We prepared the best web hosting plan for you to start. You will be able to
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  • Get unlimited SSL security certificates to encrypt your websites’ traffic.
  • Protect your website from DDoS attacks with Cloudflare protected nameservers.
  • Secure your files with automatic backups.
  • Ensure your website is online with our 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Starting at ₹3499/mo*

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Ozoweb offers reliable VPS Hosting with cPanel in secure Indian data centers. Their optimized plans ensure speedy and scalable application deployment, supported by paid applications like CloudLinux, Softaculous, and Website Builder for hassle-free operation.

CPanel VPS Hosting FAQ's

  • What is cPanel VPS Hosting?
    Ozoweb provides cPanel VPS Hosting, an efficient solution catering to businesses, developers, and designers. Combining the power of virtual private servers (VPS) with the user-friendly cPanel control panel, it ensures security, stability, and ease of use. With blazing-fast speeds, reliability, and enhanced security features, it's ideal for businesses seeking reliable and affordable hosting. No technical expertise is required, and users enjoy features like automatic backups, easy scalability, unlimited storage and bandwidth, one-click installations, and dedicated customer support. It's the perfect choice for scalable hosting needs.
  • What Are The Benefits Of cPanel VPS Hosting?
    Hosting your website on a cPanel VPS with Ozoweb brings several advantages over traditional hosting. Firstly, cPanel's user-friendly interface simplifies website and server management with intuitive controls. Moreover, Ozoweb ensures your server is equipped with the latest software versions, including popular scripts like WordPress, Magento, and Joomla, for seamless access to new features.
    Security is paramount with Ozoweb's cPanel VPS hosting. Our servers undergo constant monitoring for malicious activity, fortified by advanced firewalls to safeguard against cyber threats.
    Performance is enhanced with cPanel VPS hosting from Ozoweb. Enjoy smoother operation even during high traffic periods, thanks to the scalable resources of VPS servers. Additionally, harness the full power of the server for quick and efficient script execution.
    In summary, cPanel VPS hosting with Ozoweb guarantees smooth operation, security, and software updates. Our tailored solutions ensure your website's optimal performance, backed by reliable support to keep your online presence running smoothly.
  • Why Should I Choose cPanel VPS Hosting?
    If you’re looking for a reliable, powerful hosting solution with maximum control and flexibility, then cPanel VPS Hosting is your best bet. With Ozoweb's cPanel VPS Hosting, you have access to all the features of a dedicated server while being much more affordable. It supports multiple websites and domains with independent resources allocated to each account.
    Our cPanel VPS Hosting offers an easy-to-use control panel that allows users to easily configure their sites and manage them without having to learn any complicated coding languages or web programming skills. You can customize settings for security, performance optimization, data backup & recovery, and more according to your needs. Our virtual private servers are powered by the latest Intel and AMD processors, providing a scalable hosting experience with high-performance data centers.
    With cPanel VPS Hosting from Ozoweb, you’ll benefit from:

    - Enhanced security measures to protect your data and applications
    - Increased control over the server environment
    - Maximum performance and availability due to dedicated resources allocated to each account
    - Comprehensive backup & recovery solution for peace of mind
    - Easy scalability as your business grows
  • How Do I Choose the Best cPanel VPS Hosting Plan?
    With so many hosting plans out there, it can be hard to know which one is the best fit for you. Ozoweb offers a range of cPanel VPS hosting plans that provide reliable and secure hosting services to meet the needs of any business or website. Whether you are launching your first website, running an online store, powering a complex web application, or anything in between, we have a plan that will suit your needs. Each cPanel VPS Hosting package includes access to our user-friendly control panel with unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, full root access and a 99.9% uptime guarantee – all backed by our 24/7 customer support team. Our plans also come with cPanel and WHM control panel where you can manage all your websites in one place. Additionally, our plans are designed to scale quickly as your needs grow over time.
    Our cPanel VPS hosting packages also come with security features such as firewalls, DDoS protection, and malware scanning that will keep your website safe from any malicious attacks. We understand the importance of keeping your data secure, so we constantly monitor our systems for potential threats and apply necessary updates and patches when needed to ensure maximum security.
  • Can I Upgrade/Downgrade my cPanel VPS plan? Do you provide backups for VPS Hosting with cPanel?
    We enable seamless upgrade or downgrade of your cPanel VPS hosting plan anytime, without downtime or hassle. Manage your service package effortlessly via our control panel, ensuring optimal resources and features for maximum website performance. Choose from various VPS packages tailored to your needs, with customizable storage, memory, processing power, bandwidth, and more. With Ozoweb, switch plans flexibly without penalties or extra fees.
    Experience reliable performance and customization with our cPanel VPS hosting plans. Easily adjust your plan with Ozoweb for an optimal hosting experience.
    Rest assured with our monthly backup for cPanel VPS Hosting. Nightly snapshots and offsite storage ensure secure data, with hassle-free restoration if needed. Our plans are designed to be powerful, reliable, and affordable, offering unlimited features for a robust online presence.
  • What’s the Best: cPanel VPS hosting or cPanel Dedicated Hosting?
    When it comes to hosting your website or online business, ensuring the best setup is crucial. You might consider either cPanel VPS Hosting or cPanel Dedicated Hosting. Both offer high performance, flexibility, and reliability, yet each has distinct benefits to aid your decision.
    For smaller hosting needs like personal websites or small e-commerce sites, cPanel VPS hosting suits well. It provides excellent performance and reliability without the investment in dedicated hardware. Plus, it offers more control over system configuration compared to shared hosting.
    For larger, resource-intensive needs, opt for cPanel Dedicated Hosting. This type offers a dedicated physical server solely for your website or application, granting superior performance, reliability, and control. Most dedicated servers also provide root access for maximum customization and performance optimization.
  • Which Control Panel Do You Provide With cPanel VPS Hosting?
    Ozoweb provides cPanel VPS Hosting with the industry-leading control panel, cPanel. With its easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) and intuitive tools, it is no wonder why cPanel has become the preferred choice for web hosting management.
    cPanel allows users to easily manage their website’s files, databases, domains, applications, and even security settings in one convenient place. It also provides website owners with a platform to install popular scripts such as WordPress quickly and easily via Softaculous or Installatron.
    What’s more, cPanel makes controlling your VPS hosting simple by allowing you to set up custom cron jobs to automate tasks such as database backups and email notifications. Plus, with its intuitive security tools, you can keep your website safe from any malicious attacks. Our cPanel VPS Hosting also includes a range of features such as email hosting, FTP accounts, and unlimited storage space to ensure that you can get the most out of your website. At Ozoweb, we understand the importance of control panel design and flexibility when it comes to managing websites. With our cPanel VPS Hosting plans, you have the peace of mind knowing that all of your web hosting needs are taken care of quickly and easily
  • Can I migrate from DirectAdmin to cPanel?
    With Ozoweb's cPanel VPS Hosting, migrating your website from DirectAdmin to cPanel is easy. Our expert team ensures a smooth transition, handling all technical aspects. Rest assured, your data is safe with our secure hosting environment featuring advanced security measures like firewalls and malware scanning. Plus, enjoy full root access for customization. With flexible plans and reliable support, Ozoweb offers top-notch service at an affordable price. Make the switch from DirectAdmin to cPanel with Ozoweb today!
  • Is cPanel included in the cost of the VPS Hosting plan?
    Onohosting's cPanel VPS hosting provides customers with access to a robust control panel, offering an intuitive user interface and a plethora of features for website management. With cPanel, customers can effortlessly add applications and plugins to tailor their hosting experience.
    Root-level access grants full control over the server, allowing users to make necessary changes. The reliable and secure cPanel facilitates comprehensive server management, from creating databases and email accounts to configuring FTP accounts and managing backups. Additionally, the web-based file manager simplifies file management tasks.
    Moreover, cPanel offers tools and settings for optimizing website performance and enhancing security.
  • Can I host several websites on a VPS hosting? How many IPs are included with cPanel VPS?
    With Ozoweb, host multiple websites on one VPS. Our cPanel Hosting plans enable easy setup and management of separate cPanel accounts for each site, ensuring speed and security. Plus, access advanced tools like Softaculous for streamlined website creation and updates.
    Get cPanel VPS Hosting with up to 1 dedicated IP per server. Each IP can host websites, create mail accounts, and more. Enjoy full cPanel control panel access for simplified server administration.
  • How long does it take to set up my VPS Hosting with cPanel?
    Between 12 to 24 hours.
    Setting up your cPanel VPS Hosting with us is quick and easy. The first step to getting started is to choose the type of package that best suits your needs. All packages come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, plus 24/7 technical support. Once you have chosen a plan, our team will set up your cPanel VPS hosting account on our server and provide you with access details. We will also configure your domain name so it connects to our server and provide all necessary DNS settings so you can begin using your new account. From there, you can start to configure your cPanel settings and install any necessary applications or plugins. Once configured, you’re ready to upload your content and begin using your new VPS hosting service.