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Advanced Security Features hosting?

We prepared the best web hosting plan for you to start. You will be able to
plans as you go - our custom-built algorithm will provide suggestions
  • Get unlimited SSL security certificates to encrypt your websites’ traffic.
  • Protect your website from DDoS attacks with Cloudflare protected nameservers.
  • Secure your files with automatic backups.
  • Ensure your website is online with our 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Starting at ₹1999/mo*

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Ozoweb offers affordable Cloud dedicated servers, perfect for webmasters, writers, developers, and businesses. These servers come with free OS installation and optional control panels, providing all necessary software for server management. Ideal for high-traffic sites, they grant root access for easy application management, giving you complete control over your data.

Cloud Server FAQ's

  • What is Cloud Dedicated Server?
    Web hosting involves managing files electronically and storing them on a server to maintain websites. A web hosting server functions akin to a computer storage device, housing all website-related data. Just as we store data on our computers, our cloud Dedicated Server allows us to manage this data according to our needs.
    With cloud server hosting, businesses can easily scale their websites and applications without investing in new hardware. Cloud server hosting is often more resilient than conventional hosting, being spread across multiple servers. Cloud servers are commonly used to reserve and serve online content, offering scalability and flexibility. Virtualization technology divides the main dedicated server into multiple virtual servers, each with dedicated resources. Cloud dedicated server hosting, an advanced form of shared hosting, provides greater customization and scalability options. It offers reliability, fast loading speeds, and higher uptime. Cloud dedicated servers allow customization of infrastructure to meet specific requirements, providing speed, stability, and security.
  • What are the advantage & benefits of Cloud Dedicated Server?
    Cloud dedicated servers offer dual benefits: the power of dedicated servers at a lower cost. Cloud server hosting boasts superior scalability compared to conventional hosting, enabling efficient resource allocation without the need for new hardware. They are also more reliable, less prone to hardware failures, and accessible from anywhere globally, making them ideal for businesses with distributed teams. Additionally, cloud server hosting is generally more affordable, with pay-as-you-go pricing based on resource usage. Cloud servers are perfect for businesses needing ample storage or CPU power, offering features unavailable on standard servers.
    Cloud dedicated servers allow full optimization of website performance, ensuring fast loading speeds to retain visitors. They provide high-speed bandwidth, ideal for hosting websites online. Unlike shared hosting, where resources are distributed among numerous users, cloud dedicated servers offer dedicated resources, preventing resource contention. With cloud computing, you can easily scale resources according to traffic demands, enjoy full root access, and customize server configurations as needed.
  • How Reliable is your Cloud Dedicated Server?
    Cloud server hosting, now increasingly popular, raises questions about its reliability.
    Key factors include uptime, ensuring the server is consistently operational;
    security measures, vital since the server isn't physically nearby;
    and responsive customer service for swift issue resolution.
    While cloud hosting offers promise,
    selecting a trustworthy provider like Ozoweb is paramount for a seamless experience.
  • What is the storage architecture used by our Cloud Dedicated Server?
    Ozoweb Cloud server hosting employs a robust and scalable storage framework, ensuring your data's security and accessibility at all times.
    Our architecture caters to businesses of varying sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations.
  • Is a Dedicated IP available with your Cloud server hosting Services?
    Yes, Ozoweb cloud providers include dedicated IP addresses as part of their services.
    This feature proves beneficial for specific purposes or security requirements on your cloud server.
    However, it's crucial to note that not all cloud providers offer dedicated IP addresses.
    Before committing to a service, ensure it offers dedicated IP addresses and aligns with your requirements.
  • Backup Policy? Do you provide Paid Backups Services for Dedicated Server?
    You bear full responsibility for backing up your data and utilizing our Cloud dedicated server hosting services.
    For your safety, having a backup of your cloud dedicated server account is essential.
    You can opt for a paid backup service or create manual backups using third-party software.
    We strongly recommend investing in a paid backup solution for convenience.
    Yes, Cloud dedicated servers can be backed up using our paid backup service.
    Storage costs are determined by the number of backups required and the server's capacity.
    Basic Monthly Cloud Server Backup Cost: Rs 699/month (1 Copy Per Month) & Rs 2999/month for unlimited copies (Total Storage: 1 TB).
  • Is there advantage of having a Cloud Dedicated Server for Web Developer?
    Cloud Dedicated Server from Ozoweb allows web developers and designers to efficiently manage multiple shared hosting packages from a single convenient platform, reducing hosting costs significantly.
    Moreover, it enables the resale of hosting as a separate service, enhancing flexibility.
    You'll enjoy top-notch performance and security, ensuring no slowdowns for your website.
    Customizable server configurations empower developers to tailor settings as needed.
    In scenarios demanding high traffic or resource usage, shared hosting may fall short, making cloud servers the superior choice.
    Both small and large businesses benefit from the scalability of cloud dedicated servers, adjusting power according to demand.
    Ozoweb's offering ensures websites' unique requirements are met without imposing excessive financial strain.
    Businesses of all sizes can capitalize on its remarkable uptime, ample bandwidth, data storage, CPU, storage space, and RAM.
  • Will i get help in website Migration, Transfer & Live? Do you offer Free control panel?
    With the purchase of our cloud dedicated server, we provide website migration, site transfer, and live support services. Ozoweb's Cloud server hosting offers an all-inclusive solution, empowering users with a comprehensive platform for hosting websites and applications.
    This solution ensures accessibility to websites, applications, and data worldwide, eliminating concerns about language barriers or coding complexities.
    However, for those needing assistance with migration to Cloud server hosting, we're here to help.
  • Is an Upgrade/Downgrade possible in the hosting plan?
    Hosting plans offer users the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade their service based on their needs.
    When contemplating this decision, factors such as the price of the new service and the offered features should be considered.
    If you're currently on a hosting plan and thinking about upgrading, ensure to inquire with your provider about available downgrade options.
  • What if i need fully managed support after buying? How much time will it take to setup?
    To upgrade to a fully managed cloud dedicated server plan, you'll need to cover the price difference.
    Alternatively, you can switch to a managed dedicated server plan for Rs 1999 + tax and benefit from full managed support.
    Please note, the setup and configuration of a dedicated server typically require 12 to 24 hours to complete.
    We appreciate your patience during this process.
  • Does Cloud server hosting include Email Hosting as well?
    Yes, cloud server hosting can incorporate email hosting, enabling you to store your email data on the cloud server.
    This offers various benefits, including enhanced email security, improved uptime, and easier scalability options.