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Best & Cheap SSL Certificates


Cheap SSL Certificate

Enhanced Security
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates encrypt data transmitted between the user's browser and your server
Trust and Credibility
SSL Certificates provide visual indicators such as a padlock icon or a green address bar in the browser
Improved SEO Ranking
Search engines prioritize websites with SSL Certificates, considering them more trustworthy and secure
Compliance with Data Protection Regulations
SSL encryption helps you comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
Protection Against Phishing Attacks
SSL Certificates help prevent phishing attacks by verifying the authenticity of your website to visitors
Compatibility with Payment Gateways
If you run an e-commerce website or accept online payments, SSL Certificates are essential for securely processing transactions
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SSL certificates play a crucial role in building trust with users and boosting conversions for your online business. They protect your site from attacks, improve SEO rankings, and signal credibility to visitors. At our low prices, you can easily secure your website with SSL certificates, enhancing customer trust and driving sales.

SSL Certificate FAQ's

  • What do you mean by an SSL Certificate?
    An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that secures a website's connection by enabling encrypted communication, thereby verifying the owner's identity.
    Originally developed by Netscape Communications Corporation, SSL ensures a secure link between a web server and a browser.
    Utilizing the SSL/TLS protocol, an SSL certificate encrypts web traffic, enhancing website security.
    Implementing an SSL certificate on your website ensures encrypted communication with the server, identifying your website as secure and encrypting data transmitted between the server and browser.
    To ensure your website's security, it's essential to install your SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate.
  • How does an SSL certificate benefit your business?
    SSL encryption ensures the security of sensitive customer information, including identity details, personal data, credit card numbers, passwords, and more, by encrypting it as it travels between the customer's computer and your website.
    Utilizing SSL is essential for safeguarding confidential information transmitted over the internet, making it a primary security measure.
    With SSL, you can securely accept credit card payments on your website, providing peace of mind to both you and your customers.
  • Why do I need ? How is an SSL certificate helpful for a website, and is it mandatory?
    An SSL certificate acts as a digital trust seal, shielding your website from phishing, malware, and cybercrime while verifying the owner's identity.
    Essential for online businesses, a low-cost SSL certificate in India not only safeguards data but also prevents hackers from creating fraudulent versions of your site.
    For merchants accepting credit cards online, an SSL certificate is a necessity mandated by credit card organizations and networks.
    Without SSL encryption, your website risks losing customers, as shoppers prioritize secure sites for their transactions.
    Since 2017, Google and Mozilla Firefox have mandated SSL encryption for all websites, labeling those without it as insecure.
    An SSL certificate facilitates the transition from HTTP to HTTPS, signaling security to users and receiving priority from search engines like Google.
    Especially crucial for e-commerce sites, a cheap SSL certificate in India secures credit card transactions, login details, and customer information, fortifying your site against third-party threats and malware.
  • How do I get an SSL Certificate?
    Here are the steps to obtain an SSL certificate: Step 1: Purchase an SSL Certificate plan from the listed options.
    Step 2: Generate the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) by logging into cPanel. Navigate to the Security section and click on SSL/TLS. Under Certificate Signing Requests (CSR), click the "Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests" link. Fill out the necessary fields and click Generate.
    Step 3: After generating the CSR, submit it and share it with us through a ticket.
    Step 4: Create an email ID such as admin@yourdomainname. We will send a verification link to this email ID.
    Step 5: After successful domain validation, install the certificate on your website. You can do this manually via cPanel. If you have obtained an SSL certificate from cheap SSL certificate providers in India, the certificate will be automatically installed on your website.
  • Where are SSL certificates stored, and how many types of certificates are there?
    By default, SSL certificates are stored in /etc/SSL/certs directory, and they can also be stored in Base64 or DER formats. Additionally, they may be stored in stores like JKS store or Windows store.
    These certificates are also accessible through your computer's certificate manager, where you can view their details. You can access the Certificate Manager from the Start menu.
    SSL certificates come in various types based on the number of domains they secure.
    A single cheapest SSL certificate in India secures one domain or subdomain.
    A Wildcard SSL certificate secures one domain and multiple subdomains.
    On the other hand, a Multi-Domain SSL certificate secures multiple domains. However, if you have a single domain, you only need one SSL certificate.
  • Would you be able to assist me with installing the SSL certificate?
    Upon purchase of any SSL certificates from us, we will install them free of charge on your website.
  • In what ways will my customers be aware of my SSL certificate?
    Upon clicking on the SSL icon on the left hand side of the browser url, the user can find out if the website is secure as well as what SSL certificate is being used.
  • With one SSL certificate, can multiple websites be secured? Is money back guarantees on SSL?
    SSL certificates can only be used for one website at a time. No, SSL certificates are not refundable & does not comes with money back guarantees on SSL certificates.
  • How does an SSL certificate work? How can viewers know your website is SSL encrypted?
    An SSL certificate in India, even at a cheap price, functions by verifying the authenticity of a web server.
    When a web server attempts to connect with a website encrypted with an SSL certificate, the SSL certificate prompts the web server to verify itself.
    The web server then provides a copy of its SSL certificate to the browser, which verifies the validity of the web server.
    Once the authenticity of the web server is confirmed, the browser sends a digital acknowledgment, enabling the web server to establish a secure connection and share data. Visitors can easily identify a website with active SSL encryption through several indicators:
    1. A padlock icon displayed on the left side of the URL
    2. HTTP appearing as HTTPS
    3. Presence of a trust seal on the site
    4. The address bar turning green when encryption is active. Conversely, a website lacking SSL encryption prompts a warning message to viewers upon clicking the site's link, indicating potential security risks.
  • How can I renew my SSL certificate, and why is it valid for up to one year?
    You should renew your cheap and best SSL certificate in India every 3 months, 1 year, or 2 years.
    You can renew it through the website where you initially purchased it.
    If your cheap SSL certificate in India expires, visitors will encounter a warning message indicating that the site's security certificate has expired.
    Websites with expired SSL certificates are vulnerable to phishing attacks, malware, and data theft by hackers.
    It's crucial to renew your site's security certificate on time to avoid these risks.
    A new regulation introduced in 2020 stipulates that all SSL certificates must be valid for up to 398 days (13 months), and Certificate Authorities (CAs) must adhere to this rule.
    Note that certificates longer than one year are no longer available due to this regulation.