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Advanced Security Features hosting?

We prepared the best web hosting plan for you to start. You will be able to
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  • Get unlimited SSL security certificates to encrypt your websites’ traffic.
  • Protect your website from DDoS attacks with Cloudflare protected nameservers.
  • Secure your files with automatic backups.
  • Ensure your website is online with our 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Starting at ₹899/mo*

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Ozoweb's affordable VPS hosting simplifies hosting E-Commerce, Python, and Node.js websites. With Plesk or cPanel options, you'll enjoy lightning-fast speeds, 99.9% uptime, and the capability to host unlimited domains on semi-managed Linux VPS Hosting in India.

Linux VPS Hosting FAQ's

  • What is VPS Web Hosting? When & Why Should I Use VPS Hosting?
    VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a type of web hosting where a physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers, each having its own resources. This is accomplished through virtualization technology. With VPS hosting, your website will have its own defined resources, such as storage, CPU, RAM, and bandwidth. VPS hosting is considered an upgrade from shared hosting, as it offers customization and scalability options, improved performance, high uptime, and enhanced security. This makes it a cost-effective solution for medium-sized businesses, as it can handle high traffic and resource-intensive applications. In summary, VPS hosting offers better control, improved performance, scalability, cost-effectiveness, high security, and server reliability. If your website requires more resources than shared hosting can provide, consider upgrading to VPS hosting.
  • What is Semi-Managed VPS Hosting? How much time will it take to Setup?
    A Semi-Managed VPS plan is a hosting solution that comes with basic pre-configuration and limited support. With this plan, users do not need to worry about initial server installation, configuration, website setup, SSL setup, DNS setup, or making their website live, as these tasks are already completed by skilled technical experts. Semi-Managed VPS hosting is recommended for those upgrading from Shared Hosting to VPS Plans and can be a cost-effective alternative to fully managed VPS servers. With a Semi-Managed VPS plan, users can expect basic support for VPS hosting setup, free control panel installation, control panel configuration, free website migrations, SSL certificate installation, first-time website live, hardware or operating system, network-related problems, hardware failure issues, DNS and email account setup, and server restart failure. The setup and delivery of Semi-Managed VPS Plans may take 16 to 24 hours, as it requires time to configure and set up the VPS server. Once delivered, users will benefit from scalability, customization, improved website performance, fast loading speed, and high uptime. Semi-Managed VPS hosting is a great option for medium-sized businesses looking for a more powerful hosting solution at an affordable price.
  • I am totally new, Is Semi Managed VPS for me? What if something goes wrong with VPS control panel?
    Yes, Semi-Managed VPS plans can be used by those who are new to VPS services or do not have experience managing them. Our team will provide guidance and teach users how to use our VPS services, including what to do and what not to do inside the VPS. After purchasing a Semi-Managed VPS plan, our team will guide users on how to use the VPS services, including initial server setup, configuration, free control panel installation, website migrations, SSL certificate installation, DNS and email account setup, and making the website live. If users encounter issues with the VPS control panel, they can raise a support ticket, and our team will try their best to resolve the issue. However, if the issue cannot be fixed, we will reset the VPS and reinstall a fresh control panel. We recommend that users avoid playing with control panel settings if they are not familiar with them. It is also recommended to take regular backups of VPS data, as we are not responsible for any data loss. We recommend purchasing VPS backup plans to ensure data safety.
  • FREE Website Migration? What if i need fully managed support after buying?
    Yes, we provide website migration, transfer, and making the website live services in our Semi-Managed VPS Hosting Plans. To avail of this service, users can simply create a support ticket and provide their older hosting login details (for new customers). Our existing customers need not share their hosting login details. Additionally, users have the option to upgrade from Semi-Managed plans to Fully Managed VPS Server Plans and opt for Fully Managed Support by paying only the difference amount. This upgrade will provide users with additional support and management options for their VPS server.
  • Can I host WordPress Website in VPS Hosting? VPS hosting will be better for E-Commerce websites?
    Certainly! Hosting and setting up your WordPress website on VPS hosting plans is a seamless process. VPS servers are highly effective in managing multiple WordPress websites as well. If you're looking to elevate your E-Commerce business, transitioning to VPS hosting is imperative. With VPS hosting, the speed of your website remains unaffected even if other websites are utilizing the CPU of the same server. This ensures that your E-Commerce website loads swiftly, enhancing user experience and fostering business growth.
  • Will i get support if my website suddenly stop working?
    Yes, support is available, albeit with limitations, as your plan falls under semi-managed plans. Should your website encounter sudden issues, simply raise a support ticket. Our team will promptly investigate the matter and provide insights into why your website ceased functioning. You'll then be equipped to address and rectify the issues. Please note that our response time for such inquiries typically ranges from 7 to 9 hours. For those subscribed to fully managed VPS plans, rest assured that we will promptly address and assist with any website-related issues you encounter. It's important to note that if your website experiences disruptions due to coding errors or issues within the website code itself, resolution will necessitate intervention on your part. Our Limited Support encompasses basic VPS hosting setup, free control panel installation, control panel configuration, free website migrations, SSL certificate installations, initial website deployment, hardware or operating system-related issues, network problems, hardware failures, DNS and email account setup, server restart failures, and instances where the server becomes unresponsive.
  • Is FREE SSL Certificate With VPS? Can I install third party software?
    Our Semi-Managed VPS Hosting plans come with a variety of features to make your website hosting experience seamless and secure. Here are some of the key features you can expect: Free SSL Certificate (LetsEncrypt SSL) for all websites hosted on your VPS server, Free control panel to manage your server and websites, Assistance with moving your files to the new server when it's ready, Compatibility with custom and third-party software, so you can install the software you need to run your websites Our VPS server is similar to a dedicated server, but at a more economical price. However, you will need to ensure that your VPS operating system is compatible with the custom software you wish to install.
  • Cheapest & Best VPS Hosting Plans for beginners? Do you Offer Free control panel?
    Explore our range of affordable VPS web hosting solutions tailored just for you, starting from ₹ 899 to ₹ 6999. Our packages offer unlimited domain hosting, SSD Space Drive, unlimited bandwidth, complimentary SSL Certificates for all hosted websites, free control panel, and Indian Data Centers for optimal performance. For beginners or startups, our ₹ 899 Monthly VPS Hosting Plan is ideal. It includes 50GB SSD storage space, 2GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth, dedicated IP, free control panel, and the ability to host unlimited domains with free SSL certificates. This package is perfect for those embarking on their VPS hosting journey or upgrading their current hosting setup. If your requirements exceed this, our ₹ 2499 plan is also available. Additionally, with our Semi-Managed VPS Hosting services, we facilitate a seamless transition from your old server to the new one. Upon purchase, you'll receive a free control panel, and our expert team ensures the safe transfer of your files, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience.
  • Is it easy to Switch & Upgrade from Shared Hosting to VPS Server Hosting?
    Transitioning from a shared hosting plan to a VPS plan is straightforward and seamless with OZOWEB. You have two options: you can either purchase a new VPS hosting plan directly, or you can reach out to our dedicated support team for assistance. Please note that the funds from your existing shared hosting plan won't be adjusted upon upgrading to a VPS plan, necessitating the purchase of a new shared hosting plan if required. Switching or migrating from a shared hosting plan to VPS web hosting is hassle-free with OZOWEB. Existing OZOWEB customers can initiate the migration process by creating a support ticket after purchasing a new VPS plan. Furthermore, upgrading your VPS hosting package is a breeze with OZOWEB. You can scale up your resources whenever the need arises. Whether it's enhancing your VPS or accommodating increased traffic, upgrading your hosting package ensures optimal performance and resource allocation. Cheap VPS servers not only boost your website's performance but also accelerate page loading times, seamlessly manage traffic influxes, and accommodate larger data storage, thereby enhancing overall performance, page loading speeds, and traffic handling capabilities.
  • Main difference between Semi-Managed vs Fully Managed VPS Server?
    Semi-Managed VPS: Our Semi-Managed VPS option provides users with basic initial pre-configuration and limited support. With this package, users receive assistance with first-time server installation, configuration, website setup, SSL setup, and DNS setup. It's the perfect choice for those who prefer not to tinker extensively with their VPS settings. If you're someone who simply wants to set up your VPS once and leave it as is, then our Semi-Managed VPS service is designed for you. Fully Managed VPS Server: Our Fully Managed VPS service is tailored for users who may not possess advanced technical skills regarding VPS management. It's also ideal for those who prefer to delegate server-related tasks, such as maintenance, monitoring, malware detection, firewall installation and configuration, control panel setup and upgrades, and bug identification, to their hosting provider. With our Fully Managed VPS, the entire spectrum of server maintenance tasks is handled by our web hosting company, allowing users to focus more on their business operations without concerns about server-related issues.
  • What is the difference between Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting?
    In shared hosting, your website shares server resources with multiple other websites. Conversely, VPS hosting involves dividing a server into multiple virtual servers, each allocated its own dedicated resources, including memory, CPU, and disk space. While shared hosting entails hosting multiple websites on a single physical server, VPS hosting provides isolated virtual servers that share physical server resources but offer better performance, reliability, security, scalability, control, and customization options. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) appears as an isolated server within a shared physical server environment. Each VPS receives its dedicated resources, enhancing performance and security compared to shared hosting. Despite offering functionality similar to dedicated hosting, VPS hosting operates within a single physical server, reducing operating and maintenance costs significantly. In dedicated hosting, you have exclusive access to a server, affording complete control. In contrast, VPS hosting shares server resources among you and other websites by dividing a server into virtual servers. VPS hosting is more cost-effective than dedicated hosting while still delivering good performance. Dedicated hosting provides ample storage space, advanced protection, complete server control, and extensive customization options.
  • What is your VPS backup policy? Do you offer paid backup services?
    Certainly! We offer paid VPS Backup Services at a monthly fee of Rs 900. Backups are generated once every 10 days, starting on a random day. Each backup run replaces any existing backups, with only one backup kept at a time. Please note that we do not provide complimentary backups. We strongly advise purchasing our paid backup services or alternatively, creating and managing backups manually or through third-party software. Ozoweb does not accept responsibility for any data loss on your VPS under any circumstances.